We often talk about technical aspects of laminates: the ease of installation and the resistance of the material are certainly the most popular features. However, there is something else too: the sustainability of the products.

Abet Laminati has always been committed to working in full respect of environmental protection and continues to invest in a company policy oriented towards reducing environmental impacts throughout the entire product life cycle.

When we talk about environmental sustainability, the main goal is to keep our natural ecosystem in balance. Abet Laminati has introduced a series of useful behaviors and processes to reduce environmental impacts and has recently published a catalogue entitled ‘Abet GoGreen’, which illustrates the company’s vision, results and next goals.

Choosing Abet laminate means choosing a high-quality, durable, wear-resistant product that maintains its characteristics over time. The first step to start is the selection of raw materials: 70 per cent of the product is made of paper, a material used in compliance with international chain of custody schemes, which help care for forests for future generations. The other 30% consists of resins, substances that satisfy safety requirements and meet international legal criteria.

Abet GoGreen reports on the selection of raw materials, but especially on the company’s commitment and responsible use of resources, confirmed by studies and accredited institutions. In 2010, Abet was achieved ISO 14001 Certification, and in January 2014 it obtained both voluntary ‘Chain of Custody’ certifications, which guarantee that the final product is made of material from well-managed, FSC® or PEFC-certified forests and other controlled sources.

At the beginning of 2019, Abet Laminati was awarded the prestigious Indoor Advantage™ Gold, relating to the rigorous Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) promoting a healthy indoor environment.

The company has also carried out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study and published EPDs verified by a third party in order to communicate the environmental impacts generated during the life cycle of its products.

Being one of the leading manufacturers of decorative laminates means for Abet to aim for better results, to do it responsibly, and to look to the future.



Abet GoGreen