Absolute Yachts - Navetta - Photos by Alberto Cocchi


The Italian boat-building industry has seen real growth in recent years. Specialised shipyards are now working under full steam and orders for new luxury yachts have increased enormously. 

The main request is for boats that can provide the best sailing experience with maximum comfort and which look beautiful outside, but also (and especially), inside. 

Abet Laminati responds to this call with design solutions made with innovative technologies that always guarantee excellence in both structural and decorative terms.  

Abet, in fact, combines the strength and lightness of panels with the functionality and timeless elegance of surfaces: structural solutions find shape in durable and versatile panels, suitable for any space. 

Lightweight, durability and resistance to fire and humidity are just some of the features of the Abet proposal, suitable for cladding and customising areas inside boats.  

Abet offers optimal and practical solutions for any type of boat from cruise ships to pleasure craft. Highly innovative products that are able to exceed the performance of traditional materials used in this sector, guaranteeing a perfect combination of design and functionality. 

For example, the Esacore and Monocore panels consisting of an ultra-lightweight core made of aluminium or fibreglass respectively, and designed to be used for furniture components, ceilings, walls and floor coverings.  

The HPL surfaces or even the warm, velvety surfaces of the Polaris range can be transformed into functional tabletops, countertops, navigation equipment housing and furnishing accessories.  

Moreover, it is possible to customise all surfaces thanks to a tailor-made digital print service, which ensures maximum flexibility in realisation and high aesthetic impact.  

Abet Laminati collaborates with several top shipwrights in the sector. Italian shipyards continue to promote ‘Made in Italy’ at international events such as Absolute Yachts, leader in the construction of luxury yachts from 47 to 73 feet, or Canelli Yachts, a young brand that has chosen quality as its distinctive feature. 

Absolute Yachts has chosen Rovere Arctic 670 (Root), Pike Sal 1906 from the Patagonia series (Grainwood) and Transversal Oak 1381 (Grainwood) for NAVETTA 68 and NAVETTA 75‘s cladding. 

Navetta 68 is a twenty-metre boat with large functional spaces, elegantly furnished and designed to provide maximum comfort. Navetta 75 is the latest fleet flagship created to embody the distinctive features and values of the shipyard’s products. It is the ultimate expression of generous, unconventional engineering with an innovative, elegant and modern design with interiors furnished in the most refined ‘Made in Italy’ style. Both models are designed with attention to the smallest detail to ensure the perfect combination of durability, aesthetics and design. 

It is a story of enthusiasm and courage for Canelli Yachts, which embraces the choice to design boats to be experienced mainly outdoors without sacrificing luxury and stability. 

Waiting to launch the new proposal the Canelli 29, the company has also chosen Abet and Grey Maple 619 (Root) and Circé 1834 (Root) decors for the interiors of Canelli 43, a luxurious, elegant and extremely comfortable yacht. The interior spaces are designed for long periods on-board, with cosy living areas and spacious cabins. They turned to Abet Laminati to make some areas of their luxury yacht even more comfortable. 

Abet, with its wide range of products, aims to give a new look to interiors respecting the needs of those who sail, to fully enjoy the experience that the sea offers. 


Credits Absolute Yachts – Photos by Alberto Cocchi