ABETeam Vs Covid-19


Dear All,

As you all are aware of the current worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, ABET is taking the same
approach as the rest of Italy to fight this “war” against this invisible “enemy”.
At this critical period, it is vital that people come together and show solidarity in the fight against this
new disease. ABET is a proud Italian company, the management team of Abet are all aware and
monitoring the developing situation with regards to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the associated
known risks.
We want to reassure everyone that our company has taken all the necessary measures to guarantee
the safety of our employees and their families. We have a duty of care towards all our stakeholders,
and we are constantly monitoring the evolutionary situation on Covid-19 in order to provide timely
and accurate instructions to our entire structure.
So far, we are functioning smoothly without having to compromise our production level and the
quality of our service to the market. Currently, ABET production sites are all active without any
limitation. The effective foresight management of our “supply chain” allows us to continue our
production activities without any issue.
We are confident that this common and collective effort will contribute to swiftly resolve the current
uncertain situation. ABET TEAM remains at your complete disposal for any kind of needs,
explanations and queries.
The time is to reinforce fraternity and of our bonds with each other in an indissoluble way.
Coming together as a TEAM today, is more important than ever and ABET is in this battle.