Glass, marble but also laminate. Vilarte launches a bespoke luxury pavilion

Wanting to escape from everyday life rush isn’t a new phenomenon. But with limited traveling and homes functioning as offices, it has become a real challenge to find a place to unwind. A challenge Vilarte fully took on. The freshly founded Belgian design brand worked with stefan.schö to create a  highly customisable luxury outdoor pavilion. What’s their focus? A timeless and aesthetic design that can be tailored to your personal needs and liking.

The pavilions are based on a set, yet flexible framework that is the main foundation. Everything else is tailored to the personal needs and liking of its resident.

For Vilarte, stefan.schöning created an innovative modular, steel structure and combined it with vast surfaces made out of glass, marble and laminate.

The colour palette of Irish Green pavilion suggests the vast emerald landscapes of Ireland. Vilarte chose Abet Laminati for this project: MEG 1853 Muschio for the exterior cladding and 842 Verde Sub and 844 Jeep for interiors.


Thanks to and Abet NV